Venice Photo Walk

…..a fun way to explore the Real Venice!

I am an Italian photo reporter based in London, I spend in Venice few months every year and since few years my Venice Photo Walks are one of the top destination and what to do on Tripadvisor Venice.

Due to the popularity of my Photo Walks and the fact that I am most of the time in London or abroad on assignments I have added on this site some colleagues and friends  that run their own business and are totally independent from me but that I know for their value professionality and commitment.

Touring Venice with a Photographer you will be able to visit, see, experience and tour places, artisans, situations, people who would be otherwise difficult to come across.

We will show you all the tricks of the game to improve your photography skills but it will be a fun and new way to visit a city like Venice. Who better than a photographer will be able to show you such a  visual place like Venice?

The Venice Photo Walk will take you through off-the-beaten tracks to the most important monuments and landmarks. You will avoid the tourist pedestrian highways and will take more secluded, intimate and truly Italian passageways.

Here you will find not only Photo Walks, but the possibility to have your portraits taken, touring canals, the lagoon or remote islands by boat with local people,  Cicchetti Tours, Pick up,  day courses and help in drawing and painting,  while you are in Venice.